into_ashes (ex_into_ashe207) wrote in syracuse_dorks,

Please delete if you find this inappropriate (I checked the community userinfo for a rule against this and didn't find one).

If you're interested, become a part of central_ny.

"This is the online journal of Central New York. We're an interesting lot. We can sing the Colonial Laundromat themesong in its entirety because, deep inside, we all want a laundromat that won't slow us down. We know that at Don's Ford Superstore, they're positive. We love the way that everything that Billy Fuccillo does is HUUUUGE. We're perfectly aware of the fact that Goldberg's is the money saver and that it will save us more. We have been known to stay awake well into the night to watch the Forever Leather show. Unpretentious and persistent, Central New York endears itself to us and gives us confidence that no matter how insane we think our own relatives are, chances are there is at least one family on the same street who is much scarier. No matter how much we poke fun of Central New York, though, we truly love this place that we have come to call our home. And though we may venture out into the world for awhile, somehow we always find the time to return, at least for the Chicken Riggies."

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