agent242 (agent242) wrote in syracuse_dorks,

Woodstock Art & Tattoo Festival

Town wide-art, music, and tattoo festival, September 17-19.

Some highlights:

-120 snowboards painted by some of the top tattoo, graffiti and visionary artists.
-Spider Webb's 911 Memorial Exhibit.
-The work of H. R. Giger.
-The Blessed & The Blasphemous, Art show.
-Murphy's Law and over 32 live acts on 5 stages.

To see video footage of last years event, go Here.

For a 15% discount on all your tickets:

All you need to do is go Here

And enter the promotion code: rfl3a2

When you get your tickets, and you'll get 15% off everything.

This brought to you by the memebearers of Join My Cult.
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